Advertising signs manufacturing in Minsk

Are you planning to order an advertising sign for a store, cafe, restaurant, shopping center, pharmacy or office?

We will design and produce beautiful and modern signs for you, depending on your wishes and budget. After all, design, production and installation of outdoor advertising is what we do every day professionally and with great pleasure!

вывеска парикмахерская вывеска наружная для магазина световые вывески

We offer services in the development of design and project documentation of our advertising structures. We guarantee high-quality and fast production of outdoor advertising, professional installation and further warranty service.

Our specialists will advise you on all issues and help you to make a technical task, as well as make an optimal calculation of the cost of advertising designs.


One of the priorities of our company is the production of light and non-light advertising structures for outdoor and interior advertising. We offer competitive prices and guarantee quality.

Signboard is one of the main attributes of outdoor advertising for most types of business. After all, not one business can not do without them. A competently designed, and high-quality manufactured advertising sign performs a number of important functions:

  • Information (indicates where the company is located)
  • attracts attention to the company
  • creates a favorable image of your company
  • helps to stand out from competitors

It is important that the design is read well, had a bright and attractive appearance, could be easily seen from different angles, in general it was functional. To take into account all these moments and be calm for quality, entrust the work on creating outdoor or indoor advertising to professionals of our company. We will combine all the stages into a single whole, and we will produce a quality sign for the store, office of the company or a large shopping center.

We produce the following types of structures:

вывески из оргстекла Interior designs without illumination from plexiglass (acrylic).
Stylish and bright tablets and logos made of colored or transparent plexiglass are used indoors.
объемные вывески Non-light constructions with volumetric letters and elements.
Logos and letters are made of plastic or other materials, afterwards they are subjected to additional processing (if necessary). Then they are mounted on the bench with the help of special fasteners.
вывески не световые Not illuminated signs with full-color printing and application from self-adhesive film.
The logo and text (signage design) is printed & nbsp; or cut out on the plotter, and then applied to the box.
вывеска световая Light signs with vinyl applications and full-color printing.
The most simple and popular boxes with the image and backlight, the image on them are printed on the c / to the film, and then put on the sign.
light signboard bar Composite structures with milled light symbols.
The letters and images on such a design seem a little depressed in the front surface. One of the most economical types of light signage is the type of light signs.
signboards are volume light Light constructions with volumetric letters.
These are bright signs with voluminous light letters. In this case, volumetric letters can be fastened without a substrate or on a light box.
купить Light signs with flat-relief acrylic symbols.
In the same constructions, an end illumination is used for elements made of acrylic. They can often be seen as a sign for a shop in a shopping center.
signboard letters Lighting constructions with illumination "countermeasure".
Made of opaque plastic and backlit on the back, which allows you to create a unique, charming effect.
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