Barquet design and manufacturing in Minsk

Individual development and manufacture of bricks and stands for goods!

We offer you our services in making a barquet of different shapes, from different materials, any complexity. We can offer something that is ideal for you both in terms of appearance and quality, and in terms of value. In production, we use the technologies known today: milling, vacuum forming, bending, engraving, as well as silk-screen printing, interior and offset printing. At your disposal will be a tool that combines beauty, uniqueness, unusualness, novelty, brightness of colors, style is everything that always attracts attention and is remembered for a long time.

фирменная подставка для косметики баркета  подставка из акрила

Barquet is a desktop display or stand for compact product series. Most often, such advertising stands are used in showcases of open and closed type, on counters and on trading gondolas. Barkets are made of various materials: from cardboard with offset printing to various plastics, metal and glass.

A distinctive feature of the barquet is a compact and visually interesting layout of the entire product line. This allows us to distinguish a brand from the mass of competitors, to attract the attention of customers to this series of products.

Colorfulness, bright design and original appearance are important for barquet as well as a deliberate size for optimal layout.

Depending on the tasks and functional purpose, barquets can be manufactured using expensive materials and technologies. The design can use the dynamics and LED backlight.

Barkets are often made for a group of products of the same type, for example, a spring collection of decorative cosmetics. But, also barquets can be and glorifaerami novelties, when the main task is to draw attention to a particular new product. Barquets can also serve as testers for systems of products or novelties. Our company specializes in manufacturing plastic barquet of any complexity. In production we use vacuum molding, milling, engraving, bending, as well as interior and offset printing, silkscreen printing. We can produce the largest batches and the smallest barkets - testers for 1 product of size 10cm, and multi-level complex barquets up to a meter or more with backlighting and various flashing and color transfusion effects.

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