Dispensers (containers) from plastic and acrylic

We produce dispensers of various types (for confectionery and tobacco products, printing, etc.), both standard designs and exclusive models. It is possible to develop individual designs, or by completing the sketches by completing them in accordance with your wishes.

Dispenser is a kind of stand or container for products, and the goods placed in it are publicly available to the buyer. This is a design, most likely an exclusive form used for presentation and storage of goods at their sales locations, in stores, supermarkets.

диспенсер для сигарет диспенсер рекламный контейнер из акрила

In retail, in a supermarket store, the key to success of stable and high sales is the use of internal advertising materials. Since advertising tools located at the point of sale have a direct impact on the buyer. Without advertising, a person will find the right product, but will he buy your products, not the products of competitors. That's the question most often asked themselves by producers. With the help of what devices or tools can you increase the sales of your product?

In the struggle for a buyer in the modern & nbsp; market professional tools & nbsp; sales are Pos materials. And the most striking example of such tools, small in size, but of great importance when deciding whether to buy at points of sale, are branded containers, boxes or dispensers for placing goods in the cash zone or directly in the trading floor. Typically, inside the store, the dispenser is limited to zones:

- Layouts, showcases, shelves, trays
- Near cash registers at the output.

The peculiarity of using the dispenser in these zones is determined by the fact that it is necessary to further emphasize the buyer's attention on your product. And the difference between the cash zone and others is that the buyer already mentally spending a round sum on the necessary goods, estimates what else can be taken for the remainder. The dispenser perfectly suits these zones, carrying a double function of presentation of the product and its storage. In this case, a person with a positive purchase decision is given the opportunity to immediately take the products he likes.

Dispensers are made of plastic of different thickness, painted in different colors in bulk or transparent plexiglass, acrylic. The dispenser is manufactured in several stages. On the zero cycle, a sketch of the product on the plane is drawn. Then there is an infringement of advertising information in various ways:

  • Surface engraving if the dispenser is backlit;
  • Drawing a picture using the silk screen method
  • Using color film applications
  • Full-color, high-resolution printing.

    Then, with high accuracy, the flat material is cut into laser equipment. Thus, the prepared part falls depending on the complexity of the design in the thermo-bending shop or vacuum molding. At the last stage, the dispenser undergoes control over the quality of the product and is packaged.

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