Production of advertising dolls, booster stands in Minsk

In our company you can order the production of hardposts of growth figures at the lowest prices in Minsk. We will produce growth figures for indoor use or street performance.

A hard poster is a portable figured (cut out on the contours of the image) billboard on the supporting leg. On such a shield can be placed a picture or picture of any object.

хард постер изготовление бодистенд купить ростовые фигуры

The main types of body-stands:

- Street growth figures - are placed on the street, so they must be resistant to environmental influences. They are made of plastic and metal as the construction should be durable. Such designs have an increased weight.

- Interior growth figures - are placed in the premises. We make them from plastic. When making them, special importance should be given to the print, which should be applied at the maximum resolution, since design contacts with the audience can occur from a short distance.

- Two-sided growth shapes - can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Apply this design in an open space where contact with the audience is necessary on both sides.

Among the large variety of POS materials that are mainly used in shopping and entertainment centers, advertising dolls ( hardposters or body-stands ). The scope of their use is constantly expanding, moving from advertising to entertainment. These designs begin to acquire an increasingly original appearance: they are equipped with volume elements and & nbsp; slots to constantly be the focus of attention.

Promotional figures are advertising designs that can be up to two meters in size. They are made mostly of plastic, the shape of which directly depends on the design of the structure. Plastic is a hard base, which is then applied to the vinyl film or UV seal with a full-color image of the figure. On the other hand, the structure is equipped with a foot supporting the function.

The growth figure in the mall is always a bright event! Using them directly at points of sale is a wonderful advertising move that uses modern shops, entertainment and shopping complexes, cafes and restaurants.

You will feel the positive effect of using it almost immediately. Passing for the first time past such an advertisement, the consumer will notice it and, next time, it will definitely return to you.

Areas of application of bods are limited only by the client's imagination, this is:

hypermarkets - promotions, sales

movie theaters - a growth doll in the form of a new movie character

entertainment centers - attracting attention to new attractions, services

restaurants and cafes - the chef with the specialty will not let anyone pass by;

registration of cultural and sporting events, parties, banquets, presentations, etc.

Growth figures are an indispensable advertising tool for conducting promotions and all sorts of events at sales points.

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