Laser cutting and engraving services in Minsk

Our company offers a laser cutting service on its own equipment. We perform cutting and engraving of different materials: wood, plastic, plexiglass with high accuracy.

Laser engraving is a universal and non-demanding way to image quality. Laser engraving can be applied to almost any surface, it is durable and unprincipled. This technology allows you to save the smallest details of the image, to vary the contrast of the image and the depth of engraving. Laser engraving is used for drawing images on a wide range of souvenir and representative products from metal, glass, stone, plastic, paper, leather and wood.


лазерная резка гравировка минск лазерная резка пластика гравировка лазерная

Laser engraving on the customer's products. It is possible to apply laser engraving both to a single product and to a batch of products. The color of engraving depends on the physical and chemical properties of the material being etched. Some types of materials do not change color from engraving at all (porcelain, natural stone, glass), and some on the contrary, are high contrast (plastic, paper, leather, metal, some types of wood).

Laser engraving on glass (ceramics, porcelain, stone, crystal). During engraving, the laser knocks out pieces of glass and a colorless matte image appears. On a transparent, colorless glass, high-contrast engraving (dullness), on milk porcelain or stone, is almost invisible and can only be determined by touch. Glasses, glasses, wine glasses, bottles, cups can be engraved all around the circumference, depending on the shape and size.

Laser engraving on wood. In the process of engraving, the laser burns the image on the tree, depending on the type of wood, the color of the engraving varies from pale yellow to dark brown, almost black. If the tree has an upper layer of paint or varnish, then the laser removes this layer and reveals the color of the tree. It is also possible to engrave on leather, paper, fabric, rubber, etc.

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