Light box manufacturing in Minka

Need bright outdoor advertising, which will attract the attention of buyers? Order a light box or lightbox from us we create a noticeable and effective advertising!

The company & laquo; Ermak Advertising & raquo; provides services for manufacturing inexpensive and effective light boxes in Minsk. We accept orders for any designs, we assist in installation and installation.

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We offer the best prices and quality guarantee for all our products!

We guarantee perfect material quality, product durability, accurate follow-up to customer instructions, prompt order execution. The list of our services includes layout preparation, lightbox production, delivery and installation. Our light boxes are in harmony with other types of outdoor advertising.


Light boxes are the most common type of outdoor and interior advertising, they are also called lightboxes. This design assumes the placement of textual and graphic information. The basic functions of these advertising designs are:

  • Company Profile
  • navigation (indicates the location and contacts of the company)
  • informing (reports on the goods or services of the company, as well as on the scope of activities)
  • attracts attention (a bright high-quality sign will allow to stand out and attract new customers)

The lightbox can be made in any shape, be placed on the facade or indoors, be one-sided or two-sided. It is perfectly visible at night, and is also the most popular and claimed among other forms of light signs, according to the ratio PRICE - QUALITY .

The design of the classic box is very simple. Its face is framed by a metal profile. Internal illumination, as a rule, LED, its use makes it possible to produce ultra-thin lightboxes whose depth does not exceed 40 mm.

To create customized solutions with a more attractive and creative design, classical design can complement volume elements or completely change technology. For example, a light box can accommodate voluminous letters. A variant is possible, when the box is illuminated only due to milled parts, etc.

Specialists of our company produce light boxes of the following types:

double-sided light box Classic one-sided or two-sided lightbox
Aluminum profile, plexiglass with a picture of self-adhesive film.
manufacture of light boxes Light box with large letters
This sign makes the lightbox original not only during the day, but also at night. A feature of the design is that on the front side there are three-dimensional letters of light-transmitting material.
lightbox manufacturing The box is a panel-bracket.
Another popular name is the end-box. This is an advertising design with illumination and end mount.
light box Figured lightbox.
Advertising signboard with a box of complex shapes. The peculiarity of the box box is that it can partially or completely repeat the logo of the company, attracting more attention.
shop light box Light box with illuminated backlight
Colorful light signboard. Its main difference is that in the daytime it looks like an ordinary lightbox. And when it gets dark, thanks to the backlighting, it gets a spectacular light circuit.
light boxing Lightbox with milled symbols.
The face of the sign is made of a multi-layered, opaque composite material, in which the necessary letters and lines are cut out, and the resulting holes are closed with dairy plexiglass.
buy Outdoor lightbox
A practical and simple type of light boxes that are placed on the floor. The main advantage of this lightbox. Your advertising is at eye level. This increases the likelihood that the target audience will pay attention to it.
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