Milling of sheet compasses, particle board, MDF

We offer milling services for sheet materials for advertising and furniture production. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you, also, if necessary, we are ready to fulfill the order in the shortest time.

Engraving and milling services offered by our company:

3D milling of a variety of materials: polycarbonate, acrylic, wood, polystyrene, PVC, plastic, plexiglass, particle board, plywood and other sheet materials;

Fabrication of volumetric letters, logos and blanks for further processing;

Engraving patterns, drawings on sheets of any material;

Making 3D elements and 3D shapes.

This is the list of only the most popular milling services. A list of all possible services, such as milling cut sheet materials, forming, etc., is much wider.

услуги фрезеровки минск фрезеровка чпу пластика фрезеровка листовых материалов

Milling-engraving works are quite often used today and are in demand in various spheres. The most common field of application & ndash; production of advertising and furniture production. Milling cutting allows you to get at the output of any form of promotional materials and outdoor advertising design, & nbsp; according to clear targets.

CNC milling of composite, PVC, MDF, plexiglass, plywood, chipboard and other directions is also in demand. The great advantage of milling is the ability to get a clear and fast "picture" in the shortest possible time, which corresponds to the forms and sizes of the technical assignment.

With the milling of plastic and organic glass, you can get an easy advertising design on the output, which also has good stability. Therefore, the resulting design will be more than & nbsp; strong and durable.

Our company has modern equipment that can process plastic and plexiglass without damaging the face. For large orders (from 150 m.) for milling services, we offer a flexible system of discounts!

Want to know the price of our services? Call our managers and they will necessarily offer you favorable terms of cooperation!

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