Pallet racks and racks in Minsk

We manufacture and supply advertising and trade equipment, pallet stands, mobile stands and other types of POS materials in Minsk and throughout the Republic of Belarus. strong> We make pallet trading stands or racks both for individual models and model models that have a different number of suspended shelves, can have different appearance. Advertising stands in this direction increase sales in stores by 40-50%. They are the most practical, convenient, functional method to sell a product to a potential buyer, even if it is not interesting to him.

паллетные стойки паллетные стеллаж 

In competition between manufacturers, an excellent way to increase sales is to use branded trade and exhibition stands and pallet layout.
If you evaluate by the criteria "the number of products delivered / the number of purchases made during the period" and track the dynamics, you can safely draw conclusions about the effectiveness of this method. As a rule, the pallet calculation significantly increases the number of impulse purchases, pushing the competitors of the product by the size of sales to the background.

Pallet racks are necessarily present at any major grocery store and home appliance store in clothing stores and cosmetic networks ... In short, wherever there is a possibility to use passes for exhibiting products, you can see a variety of pallet stands. In the simplest form, pallet racks are panels with a seal closing boxes with products that stand on a conventional europallet.

Pallet stands for expensive alcohol and cigarettes can be identified in a separate subspecies of pallet racks. You can see them at airports and grocery chains. To attract the attention of the buyer used unusual materials, complex shapes, interesting configurations, lighting and even moving elements or video screens. Such expensive pallet stands emphasize the brand image and serve as an additional brand advertisement.

In contrast to them, for short-term actions and sales, the most simple and deshovye pallet stands are used, but they can accommodate the maximum number of products. We develop and produce the entire range of pallet stands: from simple rectangular cardboard or plastic pallets, to complex multi-level pallet racks with backlighting and screens.

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