Promo racks, promo tables to order and buy in Minsk

We offer the production of promo racks to order in Minsk. We produce mobile racks and promo tables for promo stocks, as well as racks for individual customer design from materials such as plastic, particleboard or MDF.

Promo stands, promo tables , promo racks ... the names can be different, but the task for this kind of pos materials single - to present the goods at the point of sale. For a better presentation, promo stands should be bright, have an interesting eye-catching design.

мобильные промо стойки изготовление промо стоек  промо столы

Since presentations take place most often for a limited time, promo tables should be able to change the image for the subsequent advertising of a new product.

With a promo stand on the presentations, girls usually work, so promo stands should be easy to carry, quickly and simply assembled and sorted out. Should have a comfortable countertop, maybe even with molded niches for the goods, an internal shelf for storing stocks. Door to lock is necessary for night storage of goods.

Sometimes promotions are held every day in different outlets. To ensure fast and easy transportation of the promoters we have developed several folding structures. The kit includes a corrugated box or a tissue bag to facilitate carrying the promoter by the promoter itself.

We are well aware that even for a short-term action, the promoter must be beautiful and quality. We use proven materials from European manufacturers in production. Often, the production time of promotional stands are important for the timely launch of the stock. Due to our own production, we can guarantee the terms and quality of the promoters when ordering any parts from 10 to 1000pcs! Printing on an apron and frieze is also done by us at our production.

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