Shelftokers to order and buy in Minsk

We implement  manufacturing of plastic shelfters from plastic to order. We can get standard shelftokery, or not standard products by individual order.

This advertising element is used to decorate counters and shelves. Placed in a certain place shelftoker allows you to draw attention to the brand, to allocate a certain brand of the total mass. In a large supermarket and in a small shop, the shelftoker helps the buyer to orient in the presented firms and goods.

шелфтокер купить шелфтокеры заказать шелфтокеры

Located in trade outlets shelftokery perform such functions as:

  • attracting the client's attention to a particular brand
  • informing the customer about the product and price
  • motivating the customer's interest in the product
  • motivating the customer to purchase

    Below are the typical designs.

    It is also possible to produce exclusive booklets, developed shapes and sizes, including with elements at the request of the customer! 


    шелфтокеры Shelftker with front lift
    Without the price tag holder. It is possible to print.
    The height of the front lift is 25 mm.
    The angle of inclination is 35 degrees.
    Price on request
    Color: Transparent
    шелфтокер стоимость Shelftoker plastic
    Without the price tag holder. It is possible to print.
    Price on request
    Color: Transparent
    шелфтокер купить Shelftoker for more information on the shelf
    It is glued on top of the shelf with the help of an adhesive tape. With a bend to fix the holders of price tags.
    The height of the price tag is 70 mm. The lengths are 895, 1325 mm.
    Price on request
    Color: Transparent

    Shelftekers look like rectangular paper or plastic strips bent in half, with a brand image or company name, the size of 450mm x 50mm. On the back side of the shelftokker is attached a double-sided adhesive tape, which allows you to fix it on a shelf, door, counter. Mounting is done in the following ways:

    • to the shelf with a double-sided adhesive tape
    • the lock to the front wall of the shelf or the shopping basket
    • stand on the table
    • hang on the hook

      As a finishing of shelftokers used lamination, die cutting, embossing, providing additional visibility of advertising information. The image on paper shelftkoker is applied in the following ways:

      • digital printing
      • offset printing
      • screen printing
      • foil stamping

        The image of the plastic sheeting is applied by:

        • Vinyl film applications
        • Screen Printing

          We offer a wide range of shelftokers at attractive prices!

          We will produce quickly and qualitatively both typical products and non-standard shelkftkers  in order in Minsk from plastic.

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