Strip tape order and buy in Minsk

Make a strip of tape to order. At us you can buy standard strip ribbons, or not standard products under the individual order.

Strip tape (strip strip, stripper, stripper) holder of products in the form of a hinged plastic strip with various variants of fasteners (tabs) for oversized packaged goods (snacks , chips, confectionery, etc.). One of the types of POS-materials.

страйплента стриплента 

Stripes (tape strip) are located in the cashier zone of outlets in order to attract buyers' attention to a certain type of goods. Used to demonstrate the goods, promote the brand, to increase sales (because they are located in the zone of impulse demand for such goods). One of the main advantages of strip tape before other trade equipment is low cost.

The dimensions are usually no more than 100 cm in length and 5-6 cm in width. Through the entire length of the strips there are fastenings (tabs). There are fastenings for various products: tongues can be "P" -shaped - for goods with euro-slitting, "M" -like for goods with ordinary seam, also fastening can be carried out on the yoke, with the help of slits, etc. One option is a striped tape with pockets.