Trading advertising stands to order and buy in Minsk

Our company manufactures shopping racks for stores, offering its customers a wide range of models.

Here you can order and buy racks in Minsk of various types at a bargain price. While engaging in the manufacture of advertising stands and trade stands to order, we can offer you services for creating an individual design, proceeding from the peculiarities of your trademark.

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Shopping stands and stands will allow you to profitably distinguish your product among a variety of similar products.

Trading racks from our company are, first of all, a guarantee of quality and reasonable prices. We take care that our customers are really profitable and convenient and work with us. That is why with large orders for trading racks, we have a flexible system of discounts.



Shopping Racks for the Store

Today, shopping racks for a store of shoes, clothing, manufactured goods, or animal products can perform several functions. For example, you can equip them with double-sided shelves. Racks for cosmetics, children's shops, shoes and construction products can have a completely unique design. On racks you can place products of different weight and texture, while observing the order of placement: from top to bottom and from smaller to larger.

Advertising stands, located in all departments, promote the promotion and sale of goods in shopping centers. Promo shelves, which provide information about the nearest retail outlets, are placed in the places of greatest concentration of people. Advertising stands can be portable or fixed. They are attached either to the wall or to the floor, also they are rotating and sliding.

The production of shopping racks for clothes and shoes is quite diverse. Wall racks are often equipped with a frame and shelves from chipboard. Shelves made of plastic and glass are also in great demand. Demonstration shelves set in the center of the hall, the goods on them can be viewed from all sides. Many of these racks are equipped with wheels, so you can quickly and effortlessly make a reshuffle or wet cleaning in the sales area.

Shopping racks are an affordable price: this kind of trading equipment is one of the most economical and at the same time high-quality solutions.

Our company produces trading stands, offering its customers a wide range of quality and reliable equipment. We do not have finished products in stock. All shopping and advertising stands we produce to order!

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