Volumetric letters manufacturing and installation

Do you want to order the production of voluminous letters of light? We will develop a design layout, produce and perform the installation of your advertising design quickly and efficiently.

The company Ermak Advertising has the necessary equipment and personnel to produce volumetric letters from various materials: acrylic, PVC, PET, composite, polycarbonate, etc.

Volumetric letters Minsk manufacturing of volumetric letters Volumetric letters Minsk

We guarantee the quality of our products and the compliance with the terms of the order. Manufacturing of volumetric letters is what we are able and like to do!


These designs come across to us almost at every step. And not only on the signs of shops and institutions, but also in storefronts, tablets on the doors, logos. They can be found in bookstores, in cafes and fast food restaurants. This is a very popular type of presentation of advertising and information inscriptions. It is widely used in both outdoor and indoor advertising.

Our company offers the manufacture of the following types of volumetric letters:

volumetric letters with illumination Volumetric light letters from acrylic
We make designs from acrylic in various combinations: light face + light volume, light face + non-light volume (volume from PVC). In daylight, both of these combinations look very impressive. At night, completely lit letters, they look brighter, more noticeable.
order volumetric light letters With the backlight of the contra ...
This is a very popular type of light letters. The backlight can be of different colors. It can also dynamically change: blink or change color according to the specified algorithm.
letters from plexiglas Pseudo-volume letters.
Made of a thin sheet of any material and mounted at a distance from the substrate or wall. The shadow falling from the letter creates the illusion of dimensionality.
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